Where Great Coaches...

Build Better Businesses

You're a genius at coaching. You've built the expertise. You're the go-to among your friends, family, and colleagues...

It's time to widen your reach, and do what matters for more people.

Meet Qualified Leads

There's no greater waste of time than doing things that should never be done... like posting content that doesn't attract, or failing to follow-up on the Dream Leads you do attract!

Engage Authentically

In a world of robots and Artificial Intelligence, people crave humanity and connection more than ever... Authentic branding and thoroughly curated customer connection is key to winning long-term client relationships...

Conscientious Selling

Discerning clients smell a sale miles before you're thinking of pitching; so how do you create the conversations that convert and connect, and lead to mutually rewarding client-coach relationships over time? Our CBS™ System helps a lot!

Deliver World-Class Coaching

Do great work and let your reputation carry the heavy load once you've established your systems... so what do the top performers want? It is truly different from what the masses want, and if you package it correctly, you win and keep business!

Offers & Branding

Social Media Strategy

Marketing Automation

You Imagine It

Our job is to bring your business vision to life in partnership with you, while meeting you where you are at. We firmly believe that each entrepreneurial coach is the CEO of their business and the final decision maker... we wouldn't have it any other way!

That said, we've made a lot of decisions ourselves and seen the repercussions, and witnessed many more, and it's the wealth of knowledge applied that makes The Coach’s Plaza Knowledge Repository second to none in the industry for building a unique business, so you can make your own decisions with greater confidence, knowing that you are never a "Copy/Paste Coach".

The Right


Coaches don't just want "leads".

Your coaching business deserves the right leads, and that is achieved by performing the right research to identify the right market to target with the right message...

The top performers in the coaching space aren't just lucky... they prepared, and they had a process to win in their industry. Are you next?

These Are Just A Few Of The Ways Our Clients Win With The Coach’s Plaza Team And Systems...

The Brand Elevation Formula™

Did you know that you already have a brand, even if you have been living in a concrete box underground and interacted with no one at all previously for the past 20 years? That's right! Your brand is the impression that people have of you after you leave the room, so your job isn't to "make" one, so much as to elevate and annunciate the one you have!

Sales By Design System™

What if you could start every month with a high degree of confidence that your bills and profit for the next 3-18 months are already taken care of before you even start making an attempt to sell your program? Sound too good to be true? Or does it sound like a pretty awesome system you should definitely make use of? I like option 2 myself.

The Classy Messaging Method™

Wouldn't it be nice if you looked at your phone or inbox, and had people asking you for a call? Or complimenting you on the super valuable conversation that you just had? Or coming in to just say "wow, that converesation we had a couple of days ago changed my life"! Let's do that instead of getting banned and blocked in the DMs, shall we?

Email Automation

Did you know that email marketing is still the most reliable and consistent method for generating both sales and consults for coaches, consultants and experts? Not only that, it's most likely to be seen by your raving fan leads that are looking forward to hearing from you for business and deeper personal purposes... Master email, and unlock 80% of online marketing success!

Consciousness Based Selling™

What about the skill of how to take sales calls themselves? Confidence on the phone when you speak, how to pause, when to push, when to pull back... it can all be very confusing, and knowing when to stop "overcoaching" is key to success with conscious and ethical sales.

Let's Earn A Profit™ Method

There's not much point to learning all the different skills of business and building an entrepreneurial entity if you do not decide in advance to succeed. The Let's Earn A Profit (LEAP) Method is all about choosing success from the front, and choosing to design a business proactively rather than by "hope". Optimism is a good thing, but we can always help it along with some good strategy too!

Metrics That Matter™ Dashboards

A great strategy without any measurement is practically worthless! Using the Metrics That Matter we can see with emotional detachment what is, and isn't, working in your business, so that we can tackle the most likely to fix it stuff. Tackling one thing at a time with zeal gets it done!

We Can Help You!

Business can be complicated, but it doesn't have to stay that way.

In ONE diagnostic call, we can help you determine what the one major constraint in your business is, and what the most likely cause is, so that you can decide where to focus your limited resources on it.

At The Coach’s Plaza we have solutions ranging from free to one-time low-cost templates, all the way up to multi-year higher-investment mastermind experiences, that may support you getting there faster, with greater confidence, and much higher quality.



It Real!

The Coach's Plaza is all about meeting you where you are whether it's the ground floor or the penthouse, and making your vision for a profitable, balanced, expert-driven coaching business a reality...

Led by Amanda's 17 years of consulting and coaching experience, plus our teams decades more of hands on tactical and strategic know-how, you're in good hands for making your coaching business dreams a reality.

Your Ideal



Every business has a different specialty, target industry, maturity, and marketing asset profile...

By auditing your current mix, we can identify your top opportunity for increasing your TQLF (Top Quality Lead Flow™) so that you are speaking to the right leads, at the right time, for the right amount of effort and cost from your business.

Do What Matters.

From Irresistible Offer...

A coaching business's success starts with learning how to issue an irresistible offer that your Dream Client won't say NO to because they have been searching for exactly this support!

To Clear Client Outcomes.

... And when you help them win BIG, that will lead to huge smiles all around - not to mention repeat business, referrals, and an easier time marketing and selling in the future!

From Inspiration to Implementation

A thought unimplemented is nearly worthless, and ideas are cheap...

Real value comes from actions taken, risks rewarded, and doing what matters in the long term.

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