About The Coach’s Plaza

The Coach's Plaza was born over pizza one evening at a high performance mastermind, where between bites of a yummy dinner, Amanda's friend, Bonnie, repeated back the sentence that changed our lives forever:

"Why don't you just do that?"


"Raise the professionalism of the coaching industry."

Chris (my hubs) and I had just spent the past 45 minutes spilling the tea for Bonnie about what the coaching industry was really like, and that even the most prestigious looking professional organizations were masking an important problem that great coaches faced every day...

Most coaches didn't know how to have a credible and professional conversation with prospects who would be willing to pay a livable fee for their services.

Instead of having high professional standards, most coaches settle for using @gmail.com email addresses, hustling like crazy for their next meal ticket, or otherwise inadvertently acting SPAMMY and simultaneously hiding from the support they need to raise their professional bar and show up like the pro they need to be to get paid the rates they desire.

The part that super sucks is that coaches in this position KNOW they can rise to a higher level, but often believe it's too expensive, too difficult, or too late, and it's our mission to show them NO, if this dream matters, it's definitely NOT too late to show up as the PRO you are, and turn a profit in the process!

If you've been seeing too slow lead flow, too few sales calls, too little revenue, these are solvable business problems, not indications that you shouldn't pursue your business goals.

The Coach’s Plaza is all about solving these challenges in partnership with coaches who are as serious about business as they are about coaching.

About Amanda

Amanda is the founder of The Coach's Plaza, has generated over $2 million in revenue, primarily through co-created action coaching and courses. Her journey exemplifies the power of perseverance and authentic connection in the coaching and consulting world.

With over 17 years of business consulting experience, Amanda Kaufman shifted her focus to transformative client relationships, overcoming personal challenges like social anxiety and body image issues.

She rapidly built a successful entrepreneurial coaching company from a list of just eight names, quitting her corporate job in four months and retiring her husband within nine months.

Our Goal

We believe that coaching can change the world by growing the leaders who are changing it and that if we can help more coaches change their businesses for the better, we'll all make the world a better place.

We Don't Follow Trends We Create Them!

We do NOT believe in the Copy/Paste Coach! While it's so useful to have a template and script to learn from, we know that clients choose the coach as much as they choose the coaching process... so setting trends, and raising standards is what we're all about.

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