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We work with coaches, consultants, agency owners, and experts at all levels of maturity in their business with our various programs and support levels. We'll meet you where you are at, and help you grow wherever you want to!

Alchemy Mastermind & Days Away event

Never be a Copy / Paste Coach! Come spend time with like-minded experts and come learn from the best in the business in-person and online in our exclusive Alchemy Mastermind and Days Away live event experience.

These premium experiences are where the committed coaches come learn the subtleties of copywriting, high-ticket sales, automation, and entrepreneurial skills that are 100% centered around running a thriving and successful premium coaching business.

Marketing, Sales & Coaching Business Education Programs

For years The Coach’s Plaza has been providing the bridge between "being a coach" and becoming a viable business owner. From our dozens of mini-programs, to our Courageous Coach Club membership, to our Experts Network programs that teach advanced lead generation and Consciousness Based Selling and scaled coaching program creation, we cover the entire A-Z of coaching business success in easy to understand and gamified programs that our clients rave over!

High Performance Coaching & Speaking

Running a high-level team? A higher level entrepreneur yourself?

Amanda takes a limited number of private engagements per year, by application only, as High Performance clients.

The focus of her High Performance program is to activate your top performance habits and leadership skills to access your next level of potential, not by hoping for it, but by strategically setting yourself up to win using scientifically based high-performance strategies.

Done For You Marketing & Automation

We take the overwhelm out of marketing and selling by providing the technology, branding, automation, and content creation you need for attracting your Dream Leads so you can focus on what truly matters for your business...

Coaching people.

So many coaches are drowning in their marketing and to-do lists, when what they really want to do is delegate their marketing to a highly competent team, while still having full creative control over the outcomes. That's what our PlazaPlus+ Partner Program is all about.

The Right


Coaches don't just want "leads".

Your coaching business deserves the right leads, and that is achieved by performing the right research to identify the right market to target with the right message...

The top performers in the coaching space aren't just lucky... they prepared, and they had a process to win in their industry. Are you next?

These Are Just A Few Of The Ways Our Clients Win With The Coach’s Plaza Team And Systems...

The Brand Elevation Formula™

Did you know that you already have a brand, even if you have been living in a concrete box underground and interacted with no one at all previously for the past 20 years? That's right! Your brand is the impression that people have of you after you leave the room, so your job isn't to "make" one, so much as to elevate and annunciate the one you have!

Sales By Design System™

What if you could start every month with a high degree of confidence that your bills and profit for the next 3-18 months are already taken care of before you even start making an attempt to sell your program? Sound too good to be true? Or does it sound like a pretty awesome system you should definitely make use of? I like option 2 myself.

The Classy Messaging Method™

Wouldn't it be nice if you looked at your phone or inbox, and had people asking you for a call? Or complimenting you on the super valuable conversation that you just had? Or coming in to just say "wow, that converesation we had a couple of days ago changed my life"! Let's do that instead of getting banned and blocked in the DMs, shall we?

Email Automation

Did you know that email marketing is still the most reliable and consistent method for generating both sales and consults for coaches, consultants and experts? Not only that, it's most likely to be seen by your raving fan leads that are looking forward to hearing from you for business and deeper personal purposes... Master email, and unlock 80% of online marketing success!

Consciousness Based Selling™

What about the skill of how to take sales calls themselves? Confidence on the phone when you speak, how to pause, when to push, when to pull back... it can all be very confusing, and knowing when to stop "overcoaching" is key to success with conscious and ethical sales.

Let's Earn A Profit™ Method

There's not much point to learning all the different skills of business and building an entrepreneurial entity if you do not decide in advance to succeed. The Let's Earn A Profit (LEAP) Method is all about choosing success from the front, and choosing to design a business proactively rather than by "hope". Optimism is a good thing, but we can always help it along with some good strategy too!

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