The Coach’s Plaza has developed a suite of programs to help coaches from Day 1 through Day 10,000 in their business to create a profitable, lifestyle supportive and impactful coaching business. Check out the program descriptions below, and complete an intake form to get one of our Advisors to support you at whatever stage and aspiration you are at for your business.

The Expert's Network

The Experts Network Signature Offer is perfect for the coach, consultant, agency owner or expert who needs leads from online sources and requires an online presence and systems to get it done!

We will coach you on how to package your expertise into a sellable offer so that people will want what you have without you having to convince them or corner them into saying “yes”... they’ll already want it.

We will show you how to demonstrate your confidence in your solution and develop an Authentic Personal Brand so that people will choose you out of the busy social feeds and crowded inboxes, as the Expert that knows what they’re talking about.

We’ll teach you how to talk about your solution and systematically attract people who need, want, and are able to invest in your program using the Automatic Networking System - our tried, tested and proven method that works on multiple social media platforms to build authentic relationships with Dream Clients.

We’ll show you how to maintain this system and optimize it using AI and a lower cost workforce and workflows so that you can wholeheartedly show up as the entrepreneur you are, not just as a full-time student!

Getting started is easy. You can choose from our different levels of engagement: Experts Platinum Partners for private coaching, Experts Inner Circle for group sessions, or our self-study implementation option. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the best fit for your journey as a coach.

Book: Coaching Leads Made Easy

It's finally here! The System That Works While You Do What Matters...

This fast and funny read will take you through the journey of what it took to grow from 8 names on a post-it to a multi-million dollar business in the coaching and consulting space.

Includes 7 special bonuses designed to grow your confidence and consistency as a coach. Great for coaches who want to love the business of coaching as much as they love the skill of coaching itself!

The Courageous Coach Club

Stay fresh with the latest and greatest classes plus access over 100+ trainings on marketing, sales, and branding for a coaching business with The Courageous Coach Club.

Membership includes automatic registration and replay to our weekly Courageous Coach Client Creation Class, a free coaching call on onboarding, exclusive VIP access to Club-Only events, and first-access to new programs and offerings, plus so much more!

Come join the club, you'll love it!

Alchemy Mastermind

Working closely behind-the-scenes with Amanda and the Dream Team and a select hand-picked crew of serious coaches, you'll get to immerse yourself in a deeper level of understanding the psychology, entrepreneurship, and advanced strategies that make your business launch to the stratosphere while still marching to the beat of your own drum...

Applications are open now and will be reviewed soon, be sure to fill out your intake form if you'd like to be considered for the next intake of mastermind members.

Private Coaching

Want 1:1 coaching and mentorship by Amanda?

Her roster is currently full but if you would like to be considered for the next available opening, be sure to let us know on the intake form that you are looking for private coaching support.

Private coaching options include virtual coaching, private intensives, and in-person intensive options.

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